About Whitlock Publishing


Whitlock Publishing is run by Allen Grove, Professor of English at Alfred University.  The staff consists of people who love books and work for pocket lint--undergraduates, graduate students, faculty.  We all have full-time jobs outside of the publishing industry.  Whitlock Publishing is a labor of love, not work for profit.


Our business model is a simple one: we select texts we like, edit them meticulously, produce high-quality books, and make them available at affordable prices.  Expensive facsimile texts and pricey on-line archives have an important place in the world, but we prefer to produce books that are an option for a financially-strapped student at a financially-strapped college.  We specialize in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature--novels, essays, plays--but we also like to support the many talented writers in our quiet corner of Western New York.  And in 2013, we published our first collection of contemporary ghost stories. 


The first Whitlock Publishing book went to press in 2007, but we have many more titles in the works.  Please check back often.




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